Executive coaching, skills development, training and consulting in high stakes communication

Who I Am

I’m an executive coach, author, educator, speaker, and one of the founding partners of Rogen International, one of the world’s most successful communication consultancies.  In 2000, I sold my share in the company and formed Erickson Partners, a global communication coaching and consulting group with expertise in executive and leadership coaching, training and consulting for individuals of some of the world’s leading financial, publishing, technology, media, marketing, and academic organizations.

What I Do

I help business leaders become masterful communicators – so that they learn how to communicate with relevance, authenticity, and precision. Most of the work I do involves high-stakes face-to-face communication – when it matters if they win or lose.

About Erickson Partners

I’m happy to say that each member of our partnership is someone for whom I would fall over my sword.  Each is sought-after in their own right, runs their own businesses and have a track record of happy clients and high quality work.

We collaborate and support each other globally and have done so for over 15 years.  We’re committed to ensuring relevant outcomes are achieved for our clients.

Learn more about our team.

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