Executive coaching, skills development, training and consulting in high stakes communication

Persuasive communication means revenue, opportunities and results. It is about convincing key players to say YES to your ideas and influencing the way you need to so your dreams, ideas and projects come to fruition.

For me, being a masterful communicator is about being real, being relevant and being understood.

It’s about crystalizing your message down to its essence.

It’s about talking less and saying more.

My whole career has been devoted to the art – craft – magic – science of face-to-face communication. I fervently believe that in our ultra-digital age – where online messages so often get lost in a swarm of perpetual ‘updates’ –
face-to-face connection is still King.

Think about it: if you (sort of) want to catch someone’s attention, you send them an email. If it’s fairly urgent, you pick up the phone. If you want to make a statement – truly command their attention – you get face-to-face. Or set a date. It’s live, or nothing.

In 20+ years as a communication coach and strategist, I have been blessed with a bevy of powerhouse clients – some of the world’s leading financial, publishing, technology, media, marketing and academic organizations, celebrities, sportsmen and women, politicians and a cherry of a career coup: working with the London Olympic Bid team.

I live, breathe, walk and talk business and I’m a globe-trotting entrepreneur, in my own right.

In ’89 I was a founding Partner of Rogen International, a global communication consultancy with offices around the world. By 2000, the company was turning over $25 million a year. Not bad for a few communication mavens with a dream.

Along the road, I published two books – The Art of Persuasion (Hodder Mobius,2004)and Nine Ways to Walk Around A Boulder (Kyle Cathie,2008) I have been told by readers that they are pretty sharp. You might want to add them to your bookshelf. (or your virtual bookshelf)

Today, I divide my time between my private coaching practice, my Fortune 100 consulting clients, and my signature course at Stanford University. I’m designing a persuasive communication Master Class for business leaders and another book is in the works. Stay tuned.

Thank you for visiting my virtual home – though believe me when I say, I’d much rather meet you face-to-face.

Smiles – and stories – are better in person.

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