Executive coaching, skills development, training and consulting in high stakes communication

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So what will you gain from reading this book? Here are some realistic expectations:

You will be able to prepare for important make-or-break moments in your life and give yourself the best chance of success. Moments such as: important conversations, interviews, presentations, meetings, difficult situations and even chance meetings.
Learn tips and techniques to help you do your best and keep improving.

Part One:

THROW OUT THE RULEBOOK: Getting the basics right. This section is about understanding why and how communication is so critical and then making sure you’re absolutely clear about what it is you want to communicate. By the end of this section, you will be able to clearly define and describe your idea, identify the key outcomes you want and create an action plan for achieving those outcomes.

Part Two:

THE TOOLBOX: The toolbox will help you put together a ‘toolbox’ of fundamental communication skills that you can call on when you need them most, whether you’re dealing with someone face-to -face, over the phone, electronically or in writing. The modern world expects us to be communication gymnasts – I want you to be able to do cartwheels!

Part Three:

MAKE OR BREAK MOMENTS: I will help you prepare for the most critical make or break moments – those times when the stakes are high and you will be called upon to get it right first time. Whether it’s a speech, a presentation, a chance to convince someone that your idea will work, a sudden opportunity you want to go for or an interview for the job of your dreams, you’ll learn the secrets of how to succeed.

The information in this book comes from a treasure chest of experience, proven techniques and insights which have worked for people all over the world. It will help you to clarify your own thinking and then communicate your ideas to others in a way that will enable you to make permanent and meaningful changes.

Published by Hodder & Stoughton 2004

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