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I overheard someone the other day talking about being at their class reunion recently and being a bit bored with the conversation around the table. “Because of Facebook, I felt like I knew everything about everyone already.  There was nothing left to talk about”.

Oh my. Really?

Social media certainly does some of the ground-work for you in terms of small talk. What it doesn’t really offer is the rich, gooey insight that makes conversations and friendships rewarding and interesting. How about instead of being stuck with nothing else to say, use the information as a platform to dive deeper, quicker.  Social media can give you the ‘what’ but not always the ‘why”.  That is, an understanding of someone’s underlying motivations, fears, values or beliefs.

So next time you go to a class reunion take advantage of the next level of questioning and start your sentences with; “why” or “how” or “Tell me a little more about”.  It’s amazing what you will find!

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