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It is a good thing to practice more direct language.  This means to focus clearly on what you want and spell it out in the fewest words possible. Some tips to try:

Replace ‘Could you help me’ with ‘Would you help me?’. Doing this will invoke  very different response from people.

Practice statements without follow-on ‘tag’ questions, like ‘don’t you  think?’ or “Isn’t it?’

Think about how to state things more directly.  For example;

‘I don’t think we have talked about this enough’   becomes   ‘would you schedule a meeting so we can discuss this in more detail?’


‘Sorry, I don’t think this is going to work’   becomes   ‘I have considered the idea and I am not interested in pursuing it’


‘I don’t have time to finish this and I think I need some help’   becomes   ‘Would you handle the completion of this proposal?’

Focusing on what you want makes direct language easier.  Or is it the other way around?

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