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Join me for an informative look at how confrontation is a friend in disguise!

One thing that has troubled me greatly over the years is seeing wonderful people trapped in situations they are not happy with, because the prospect of confrontation seems more painful than the situations themselves.

There are too many intelligent, talented people whose fear of what ‘someone might say’ or the possibility of a reaction they can’t handle has kept them from doing something they would really like to do.

Are you one of those who think you know how the confrontation situation will end up: you play it through in your mind and imagine every problem and even the other person’s response?

Any of these sound familiar?

  • ‘I don’t like confrontation because usually it has not gone well in the past’
  • ‘I’m concerned that if I confront the problem I might just escalate it’
  • ‘I might be rejected or destroy the friendship’
  • ‘I might get surprises I’m not ready for’
  • ‘They might fight back’
  • ‘Maybe I don’t want to know the truth’
  • ‘They might get emotional’
  • ‘I might hurt their feelings’

Be comforted with the knowledge that, if handled sensitively, confrontation can be both a positive and a rewarding experience!

Stop worrying and use some of the techniques I’ll talk about in the course. You will be in a better position to orchestrate the ending!

Watch the recording and find out:

  • The Four main confrontation Styles – Understand your own style and the style of the person you are dealing with and techniques for confronting then with greater ease.
  • Approaches for confronting: people you care about, and people you need.
  • Learn how to start saying NO comfortably and confidently.

Come to the session with something in mind that you would like to confront and walk away with tips and techniques you can try immediately.

Confrontation, in all its forms is part of the rhythm of everyday life. Learn to recognize it for what it is and respond appropriately. It is a friend in disguise!

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