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Here’s a good way to check and see if you are good at the basics of  business conversation. In my experience, the people who are best at it tend to:

Speak often and briefly (usually 15-30 seconds)

Ask more types of questions than others (not too many open questions that end up going nowhere fast and not too many closed questions that feel like an interrogation)

Make fewer solution statements early in a conversation/discussion

Headline their points in a sentence or two (this makes it easier to go away and repeat them to others)

Summarize often (aids in checking for understanding)

Invites others to share their views (and means it)

Unless passing on decisions, interjects views after others have had a chance to speak

Actively omit too much ‘you know’ and ‘uh’,   not speak too rapidly or forcefully

Simplify and emphasize

Even the Saints among us don’t converse this well all the time.  Try on one or two of these techniques for size in your next conversation and the rest will follow more easily.

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