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Borage is to tomatoes as empathy is to communication.  What? Well, Borage is known as a ‘companion plant’ to tomatoes and its presence in the garden enhances the life and taste of the tomatoes. It is the same for communication. The presence of empathy in your communication enhances its quality and authenticity.

I was reminded of this over the past few months as I have been making some public presentations and enjoying lively question and answer sessions and follow up discussions.   I am glad to report, I sense people generally are tired of ‘slick and polished’ performances and respond positively, more than ever before, to communicators who are relevant and authentic.

So, what does this mean to you?  It means that your communication Mojo  – your ‘magic charm or spell’  is not going to come from that new piece of presentation software or because you memorized your speech word for word or because you are the world expert on something.  Instead, it will come from empathy – your ability to ‘identify and understand another person’s situation, feelings or motives.’   There, the seed is planted!

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  • juliet says:

    HI Lamar,
    Thanks for your note – of course – please share. That’s what it is here for! Let me know also if you are interested in some topics I can write about. Thanks for visiting.

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