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I have resisted the temptation over the years to write or speak about communication differences between men and women.  There are plenty of scholarly and entertaining commentators on the subject and lots of evidence to suggest that certain communication styles are more ‘male’ or ‘female’.

My wish for International Women’s Day is that we put gender aside and determine an individual’s effectiveness based on how they choose to behave in a given situation/context. I like to think about the ‘removal of distraction’ rather than if the ‘style’ is male or female.

By removing distraction I mean to minimize those behaviors or things that distract from what you mean to say or do. These distractions are often unintentional or habitual.  The most common distractions can be embedded in the way we dress, our facial expressions, voice, gestures, posture, movement and energy levels.

When we observe others, we pick up on a range of signals, unconsciously process vast amounts of information quickly and make judgements and decisions without analyzing facts or detail.

Consider our communication differences as human rather than male or female and as something we can minimize through self awareness.

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