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So what can you expect to gain from reading this book? Here are some realistic expectations:

The book will give you ways to “walk around what you can’t walk through.” Making even tiny changes in behaviors that don’t serve us can be crucial to our professional and social lives and the key to our success in both. No matter if you are a student, housewife or a CEO, the boulders that get in your way are very similar – the good news is, so are the ways you walk around them.

The crux is: you don’t always need to get to the cause of the problem in order to solve it.

The book is divided into chapters which illustrate the most common ‘boulders’ people face and includes tips and techniques for walking around them. Here are a few of the chapter examples:

Making sure you are ready to make any change before attempting it: so often people hit their heads against the wall and repeat the same habits because they are not ready to make the change. How to recognize this and start taking real steps to preparing yourself.

Understanding how the impressions you create affect others: people’s impressions of us don’t have to be right to matter. Are you aware of what impressions you create and how they may be creating boulders for you?

Ensuring your messages are clear and say what you really want to say: We are taught to speak, but not how to communicate effectively. Your messages need to be relevant, persuasive and clear. Only then can you more consistently get your message across to others.

Getting more comfortable with confronting others is critical to standing up for yourself, as well as ensuring your ideas are received and understood. It feels good, too, and is appreciated by others.

Asking for what you want and knowing the best ways to do it is important for maintaining balanced relationships at work and home.

Becoming a better listener is a challenge for all of us and lies at the core of most communication boulders. You can improve your listening skills significantly by adjusting a few key behaviors.

Published by Kyle Cathie 2007

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