Executive coaching, skills development, training and consulting in high stakes communication

Meet Juliet Erickson

Juliet Erickson, based in San Francisco, CA, USA.

Juliet Erickson is an executive coach, communication specialist and author.   She consults to international corporate executives and individuals who want to see their dreams, ideas and projects come to fruition.

Juliet has also had two books published – The Art of Persuasion (Hodder Mobius, 2004) and her most recent book Nine Ways to Walk Around A Boulder (Kyle Cathie, 2008). A third book is in the works.

An example of one of Juliet’s many high profile accomplishments was her successful communication coaching and consulting to the London Olympic Bid Team during the critical visits from the IOC and the lead up to the final presentation.  Juliet worked tirelessly behind the scenes with the team to help pull off this incredible coup for the city of London.

She works with business leaders and managers, entrepreneurs, TED speakers, politicians, academics, scientists, sportsmen and women, entertainers and public figures in organizations around the world as well as many individuals from all walks of life who are facing a make or break moment in their personal lives and when communicating effectively is critical.

A Californian by birth, Juliet commutes regularly between San Francisco and London, teaches at Stanford University and is a sought-after speaker worldwide. She describes what she does as ensuring her clients have the focus, force and energy to make the things they want to happen, happen; to help them win more often; to facilitate confidence, clarity and momentum.

In l989, Juliet became a founding partner of Rogen International , a global communication consultancy that develops skills and strategies for individuals in high stakes communication.  Juliet was responsible for global growth of the company and was involved in establishing offices in Sydney, Los Angeles, New York and London.

She is also passionate about several philanthropic causes including The Friendship Club, a non-profit organization that educates, engages and empowers at-risk girls, of which she is the President of the Board.  friendshipclub.org

When I’m not working, I am pulling weeds on our organic farm (or eating its produce) and walking the dogs. Or letting them in and out and in and out.



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