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If you are looking for executive coaching, skill development programs or consulting services on major business development opportunities, you have come to the right place. Our team specialize in working closely with you to identify and develop practical solutions related to your business issues and are committed to ensuring relevant outcomes.

Each member of the team now runs their own successful practice or fully fledged business, have extensive industry experience and is a sought-after coach and facilitator in their own right. Our clients rely on our ability to combine our expertise in persuasive communication skills with proven business development strategy and execution.

This is a selection of our services and programs:

Executive Coaching:

Our accredited executive coaches support development and help leaders implement change in practice.

Coaching can focus on:
Leadership and management performance
Conflict resolution and interpersonal relationships
Developing impact and presence in a range of key meetings and interactions
Business development and deepening client relationships
Public performance and stakeholder communication

Consulting Services:

Pitch Consulting:  For over 20 years our clients have engaged us to help their pitch teams create unique, compelling and winning bids. We work with teams to retain or win major contracts, create a successful roadshow, embark on an initial or follow-on offering, increase overall win rates or refresh their pitch strategy and execution.

Event Facilitation: Our facilitators can add verve and focus to your conference or off-site.  As a result, preparation time is shorter and more focused, messages are clearer, presenters and organizers feel enthusiastic and energized and audience feedback is more positive.

Skill Development Programs:

This is a selection of our programs:  Each program is tailored to the needs of the group and the nature of your business.  Expect relevance and immediate application.

Persuasive Presentation Skills
Programs range from the Basics to the Advanced.  Group sizes vary depending on need and can include DVD review and personal feedback.  Focus is on increased confidence and command, flexibility in a range of situations and the ability to engage listeners, prepare effectively and create messages that are compelling and inspire action.

Pitching to Win
This program focuses on two fundamental aspects of pitching success: ability to construct a compelling presentation and the delivery skills and teamwork required to create a distinctive client experience.  It is designed for executives and teams who need to sharpen their content and polish their delivery to improve their performance.

Selling Skills
Our approach focuses on building trusted client relationships and confidence in the value of your offering. This program develops the skills and tools to engage, understand what clients need and clearly articulate your value proposition. We focus on increasing impact and developing a range of professional behaviors to convert opportunities into work. This program is suitable for client facing individuals and teams, who engage both face to face and over the phone.

Negotiation Skills
Strong negotiation skills are the key to achieving desirable outcomes while developing and maintaining trusted relationships. This program will help you to improve your understanding of negotiation dynamics, prepare more effectively and plan your approach to achieve outcomes that work. Participants walk away with greater control in negotiations, tools to improve preparation and insight into the success factors in any negotiation situation.

Other programs include:

  • Leadership Impact and Presence
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Reputation and Profile Building
  • Women in Leadership Series
  • Voice of a Leader
  • Improvisation for Breakthrough Business Results
  • Play for Creativity and Innovation
  • Running Effective Meetings and Morning Calls
  • Road Show Consulting
  • Positive Impact Series for Graduates
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