Executive coaching, skills development,
training and consulting in high stakes communication

Juliet Erickson founded Erickson Partners in 2000 by joining forces with the best in the business.  Everyone on the team is a sought-after communication coach and facilitator in their own right and runs a successful business. For our clients, it is the blend of our expertise in face-to-face communication with wisdom, experience and street-smarts that makes us special.  All that, and we are also a lot of fun to work with.

Each one of them is someone for whom Juliet would ‘fall over her professional sword’

Juliet Erickson

Juliet Erickson

Juliet Erickson is an author, executive coach and communication specialist. She consults to international corporate executives and individuals who want to see their dreams, ideas and projects come to fruition.

Juliet has also had two books published – The Art of Persuasion (Hodder Mobius, 2004) and her most recent book Nine Ways to Walk Around A Boulder (Kyle Cathie, 2008). A third book is in the works.

An example of one of Juliet’s many high profile accomplishments was her successful communication coaching and consulting to the London Olympic Bid Team during the critical visits from the IOC and the lead up to the final presentation.  Juliet worked tirelessly behind the scenes with the team to help pull off this incredible coup for the city of London.

She works with business leaders and managers, entrepreneurs, TED speakers, politicians, academics, scientists, sportsmen and women, entertainers and public figures in organizations around the world as well as many individuals from all walks of life who are facing a make or break moment in their personal lives and when communicating effectively is critical.

A Californian by birth, Juliet commutes regularly between San Francisco and London, teaches at Stanford University and is a sought-after speaker worldwide. She describes what she does as ensuring her clients have the focus, force and energy to make the things they want to happen, happen; to help them win more often; to facilitate confidence, clarity and momentum.

In l989, Juliet became a founding partner of Rogen International , a global communication consultancy that develops skills and strategies for individuals in high stakes communication.  Juliet was responsible for global growth of the company and was involved in establishing offices in Sydney, Los Angeles, New York and London.

She is also passionate about several philanthropic causes including The Friendship Club, a non-profit organization that empowers at-risk girls, of which she is the President of the Board.

Based in San Francisco, California USA Works Globally

Language: English

Website: Erickson Partners

Christine Agnello

m_christineagnelloChristine Agnello is a communication expert with over 19 years of business experience.  Twelve of those years have been dedicated to advising senior executives in communication strategies and skills that drive business results.

With international experience at all levels of organizations, Christine specializes in consulting and training with executives to prepare them for their high stakes communication opportunities. Specifically, she helps her clients; pitch for new business opportunities, prepare for road shows, prepare for speaking engagements, build deeper relationships with their clients, build key messages for marketing materials and pitches, present to internal and external stakeholders, sell, negotiate, launch new products, prepare for FDA meetings/negotiations, speak on panels and at conferences, and drive outcomes at strategy meetings.

Christine has experience across many industries. Some of the clients with whom she has worked include: JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, UBS Securities, AIG Global Investment Group, MBIA, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Hoffman La-Roche, KPMG, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Manning Salvage and Lee, BBDO, Duke Corporate Education, Ericsson, and Sun Microsystems.

Prior to launching Acumen Group, Christine spent nine years at Rogen International, a global communication-consulting firm.  She was a Partner, responsible for leading and managing the U.S. sales team, managing day-to-day operations, and designing and delivering training and consulting solutions for clients.

Based in New York City, New York USA – works globally
Language: English
Website: Acumen Group

Martha Gelnaw

Martha Gelnew, EP AssociateOver her entire career, Martha has specialized in breakthroughs by turning around adverse trends in organizations. Going into intense working environments, she works behind the scenes to stabilize the energy of an organization’s people. Martha aligns the understanding of management’s mission with the actions of their people so they can step into what needs to be done, quickly. She facilitates understanding and positive action that contributes to a culture of cooperation, collaboration, creativity, communication and trust.

Early on, during her tenure in corporate management – Martha orchestrated breakthrough within several world-class corporations such as Sony, Bristol-Myers and KPMG. -providing 16% savings in T&E spending, creating “one team” and coordinated branding message in merger situation, increasing deal flow in tough times to name a few. She advises senior executives and their teams in communication strategies and skills that drive greater business results.

No matter how fervent individuals or teams are about the desire for working in cooperation and collaborating, this can be undermined by the boundaries between people. Through her work, Martha is able to remove important obstacles – using the skills that reinvent relationships; she fosters clear communication, trust and rapport. She facilitates embracing positive energy in an environment of change through her ability to get people to cooperate more fully.

Martha creates an atmosphere of openness and experimentation to allow each individual to perform with power and presence. The resultant collaboration and creativity is in service to market-created innovation for competitive advantage and greater outcomes. When the work with others is powered by a common passion, it builds lasting success for the workforce and the firm.

Based in New York City, New York USA – works globally
Language: English
Website: Martha Gelnaw Consulting

Laurie Pachetti, LCWS

Laurie PachettiHelping executives and organizations adapt to changing business demands and succeed. She works with senior people to develop skills and talents that enable them to have a greater impact.

With a hardheaded, results‐oriented approach, Pachetti sharpens performance and improves the way executives are perceived by key stakeholders. Through business planning, coaching and training, she employs judiciously designed individual and team programs to help companies deliver value.

As the founder of Pachetti Consulting (2003), Laurie has sector experience in finance and banking, management consulting, insurance, marketing and technology. With 24 years of international business experience, she has held line management positions and advised senior executives at some of the world’s leading organizations.

Sample clients include: Accenture, Barclays, Citi, Corsair Capital, Credit-Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Endurance, JC Flowers, Kaplan-Thaler, McCann-Erickson, Rabobank and QBE. In addition to her LCSW, Pachetti is certified in the following leadership assessment tools: Hogan, Lead, Lominger, Marshal Goldsmith’s Stakeholder-Centered Coaching and MBTI. Some of her signature coaching work covers: top-talent leadership and management, leadership branding, business planning, collaborative problems solving, influencing, decision making, conflict resolution, acquisition integration, and scaling emerging growth companies.

Training solutions include: Presentation Skills, Influencing Skills, and Reporting with Impact. Experienced in leadership and management, Pachetti spent five years as a management team director at Rogen, Inc. a business communication-consulting firm. There, she headed the firm’s strategic business development practice and was the account lead for JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Rabobank and SG Cowen. Prior to Rogen, Pachetti spent 12 years at Edelman Worldwide where she served as VP Account Management in New York and Singapore, where she managed international programs for American Greetings and UPS. Pachetti is based in New York City.

Based in New York City, New York USA – works globally
Language: English
Contact Laurie Pachetti

Kate LeVan

Kate LeVanKate LeVan is owner of LeVan Partners, a firm that specializes in face-to-face effectiveness training, coaching and consulting.

Kate’s 25+ years of experience in advertising management and communications consulting led her to realize that superior face-to-face strategies and skills distinguish the most successful business people.

Kate founded LeVan Partners in 2003 to help executives, business developers and subject matter experts be more effective in all their critical “touch points”—one-on-one influencing, key presentations, team pitches, and leadership forums.

LeVan Partners brings proven tools and techniques from advertising, theater, journalism and linguistics to practical applications in business. Its mission is to help Clients build strong business relationships through greater clarity, authenticity, empathy and impact in their face-to-face communication.

Kate has worked with: CEOs and management teams on road shows and investor presentations, sales teams on pitching and one-on-one sales effectiveness, subject matter experts on marketing presentations and media interviews, and leadership teams on their annual meetings and internal communications.

Her clients include financial trading institutions, legal and professional service firms, research, manufacturing, insurance, software, foodservice, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. She has spoken at business and industry forums on leadership communication, sales effectiveness, conflict resolution and networking.

Kate was General Manager of the former Chicago office of Rogen International, a communications consulting firm, and a VP, Group Account Director at Draft Worldwide (now Draftfcb), Chicago. Kate holds a Masters degree from Northwestern University in literary and performance criticism and did post-graduate work at Exeter College, Oxford University. She assisted in producing the original Good Day Chicago at Fox News, has done improv on the main stage at Second City and currently enjoys doing scene study at Piven Theatre. Kate lives in Evanston, Illinois with her husband, architect Michael J. Beebe.

Based in Chicago, Illinois USA – works globally
Language: English
Website: LeVan Partners

Jill Danks

Jill DanksJill Danks has 14 years of experience as a consultant and coach specializing in persuasive communication.  Her areas of expertise include high stakes negotiation, business development, selling, new business pitching, and leadership communication. Industry experience includes, investment banking, funds management, construction and infrastructure, pharmaceutical, advertising, IT, and professional services.

New Business and Negotiation Consulting Projects have included:
Negotiation consulting for label negotiations on new drug approvals. Outcome: 3 new drugs approved with better than expected labels. Pitch planning and presentation project for an Architectural firm that won a 10 year contract to supply services to BAA.

Pitch planning and presentation message development for a major IT consulting firm that won an outsourcing contract for major government department in UK.

Jill has always been an asset to our international clients.  She has worked successfully in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, USA, Germany, France and South Africa.
Jill was a partner in Rogen International, heading business development activities in Melbourne and leading the London office as Managing Director. Before Rogen, Jill spent 17 years selling business-to-business services in the transport and media sectors both as a sales person and in sales management roles.

Based in Sydney, Australia – works in Australia & Asia
Language: English
Website: Jill Danks

Jenna Lange

Jenna LangeFor over 10 years, Jenna has been coaching and consulting executives in persuasive business communication skills and strategies.  Her experience crosses countries, industries, and business communication challenges.

Jenna has worked with senior management and other high level executives at companies including Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, J. Walter Thompson, The Gap, Ericsson, MTV Networks, Sonnenschein, AIG, and Levi Strauss & Co.   Her areas of expertise include consulting and coaching individuals and teams for major communication events such as high stakes presentations, new business pitches, investor road shows, contract negotiations, and strategic client meetings.

Jenna earned her MBA from Thunderbird in international business, speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese, and worked for several years in Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.  As such, she is often called upon to work with international cross-functional pitch teams.  She has conducted customized training programs to help international teams communicate, sell, and negotiate, more effectively throughout Europe and Latin American.

Prior to establishing Lange International, Jenna was a Principal at Rogen International, responsible for starting and growing west coast operation.

Based in Seattle, Washington USA – works globally
Language: English, Spanish & Portugese
Website: Lange International

Neil Grammer

m_neilgrammerPrior to co-founding Dialogue Strategies in 2000, Neil spent 5 years with an international communication skills consulting company where he became a Partner, as well as the firm’s top Canadian business developer. Neil has coached thousands of business people, at all levels, in the areas of negotiation, pitching, leadership and selling skills. Neil has also assisted many companies in preparing, rehearsing and winning major business pitches and beauty parades, some with contract revenue ranging in the hundreds of millions. He has worked with firms like Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Scotia, BMO, CIBC, TD, OMERS, Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, Heinz, P&G, SNC Lavalin, IBM, SAP, Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group, KPMG, and PWC

Neil has been published many times in the Globe & Mail Newspaper and has appeared on CBC Newsworld.

Neil holds a BSc. from University of Toronto, an MSc. from University of Michigan and an M.B.A. in Finance from York University.

Based in Toronto, Ontario – works globally
Language: English and Hebrew
Website: Dialogue Strategies

Cathy C. Bonczek

m_cathybonzekCathy specializes in working with senior executives, domestically and internationally to hone their high stakes communications, pitches and leadership delivery skills. She has over 20 years of professional and consulting experience and expertise.

Cathy’s experience as a communications coach includes training and consulting with CEO’s and senior executives in the areas of:

Leadership Communication, Fundraising, Investor Meetings and conferences, Presentation Skills and Mastery, Influence Skills, Relationship Selling, Negotiation Skills, Earnings Calls, Road Show Presenting, and Pitch Consulting.

Prior to starting CCB Communications, Cathy was a Managing Partner with Rogen International. Her responsibilities there included being a member of the North American management team, driving new business development, leading the Banking and Finance team, running the company’s largest worldwide account and spearheading a global team that developed a proprietary professional development program.

Prior to becoming a communication consultant, Cathy was a banking executive. She won several awards for sales performance and leadership at firms such as Bank of Boston, Chemical Bank and NatWest Bank. She has led merger and takeover activities including all aspects of human resources, training, branding and change management.

She is a graduate of Cornell University, and a past board member of the Alumni Federation. She is a co-founder of The Gathering Ground for families of international adoption and is a member of the Advisory Board for the Wildlife Center of Fairfield County.

Based in New Haven, Connecticut USA – works globally
Language: English, French
Website: CCB Communications

Laura Tykodi

Laura TykodiThrough her 14 years of training, consulting and executive coaching, Laura has developed proprietary tools that combine psychology and performance management strategies to assess organizations and individuals at a rapid rate.  She then puts together a thorough action plan to target the areas that will produce the most dramatic value in the shortest time.

Her approachable style creates an environment where clients of all calibers are motivated to stretch themselves and go beyond their limitations.

Laura has worked at all levels within organizations including CEOs, CFOs, Directors, General Managers and Associates in a wide range of industries.  Some of her clients include:  American Express, CH2M Hill, Lockheed Martin, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann-Erickson, Nabisco, Ketchum, Turner/CNN, and Levi Strauss & Co.

She has developed and facilitated high-level programs in the USA, Canada, The UK, Europe, China and the South Pacific.

Laura is a senior consultant specializing in:
• High-stakes, face-to-face business communications
• Executive coaching
• Leadership development
• Strategic communication planning and execution
• IPO Roadshow development and delivery

Based in New York City, New York USA – works globally
Language: English
Contact Laura Tykodi

Vicki Hart

mug_vickihartVicki specializes in effective client engagement, relationship selling and strategic new business development, working with global corporations to develop the skills of their executive teams and secure major contracts. With 18 years experience as a pitch consultant, executive educator, facilitator and leadership coach, Vicki has built a strong reputation for achieving results and delivering value for both the individuals and organizations she works with.

Vicki is the Managing Director  and founder of Milan Partners.

Based in Sydney, Australia – works globally
Language: English
Website: Milan Partners


Tim Baynes

m_timTim spent 20 years in creative agencies, and then became a presentation skills trainer and more recently, in learning and development he has built academies for publishers and media agencies.

Today his programmes for publishers centre on the skills to understand agency needs and communicate value. For Agency groups Tim’s work focuses on equipped individuals and teams to understand the depth of digital media and how it fits within and contributes to a bigger communication plan.

Tim Baynes has worked within Microsoft’s digital advertising group were he founded the MSN Academy that operated across Europe, the Americas and Asia. This group delivered training to sales people enabling them increase their revenue and market share.

His operational skill as a trainer and coach in boardrooms and hands on experience of using innovative digital strategies to drive incremental business has enabled Microsoft to offer digital marketing training to its customers. One Agency Head remarked: “What an excellent session. All who attended benefited from it and enjoyed it. It is extremely difficult to get this level of individuals out for 4 hours – time as we all know is precious. These 4 hours were well spent, we learned, we enjoyed, and came away with ideas”.

Earlier, throughout his seven years in the consulting area, he has helped Clients and Agencies – their boards and senior individuals pitch their value and win business. A client commented: “Working with us, training in negotiating and presenting in the UK helped us achieve £5 million of additional operating income this year”.

During his time with Rogen International he coached one client’s European board to build their influence at a global level whilst another CEO client observed “Your coaching with Bernard and Lorenzo help them achieve an additional $1.5m a year in profit and saved me a $200,000 restructuring cost”.

Tim’s work within learning and development is informed by his other life as a practising artist and printmaker. He exhibits annually in a one-man show at the Circus Gallery in London and his illustration work is featured in travel blogs and magazines. Tim’s paintings and printmaking work is held in private collections in the UK, USA, France and Australia.

Based in London, United Kingdom – works globally
Language: English
Website: Tim Baynes Consulting

Kim Bateman Ph.D.

Kim Bateman, Ph.D., Executive Dean of the Tahoe-Truckee Campus of Sierra College, is known for her engaging and entertaining presenting style.  These skills earned her teaching awards at both Sierra Nevada and Sierra Colleges, and several notable keynote addresses.  Recently, she delivered:  “There’s a Fox Under my Bed and Pixie Dust in my Hair” at The Developmental Psychology Conference, “Symbolmaking and Bereavement: The Temples at Burning Man” at The 10th Global Conference in Dying and Death in Athens, Greece and a TEDx talk called “Singing Over Bones.” Her approach draws from both interdisciplinary and depth psychological perspectives and her signature courses include “A Mythological Guide to GriefWork,” and “Ecopsychology.” Dr. Bateman’s research interests include bereavement, humor, and organizational psychology, and she has presented 64 projects at regional and national conferences.

Based in Northern California
Language: English

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