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Last week I was reminded about the power of rehearsal. Such a simple idea that everyone accepts as common sense – yet making it happen is a bit like pulling teeth.  The challenge is –  I work in a world of subject matter experts, many who by nature believe their ‘expertness’ translates effortlessly into skills at the podium.

Reminder: The best communicators become experts at rehearsal.

Rehearsing is an act of humility – a gift you give yourself and the audience. It is a listening skill, meaning, when you do the right amount of the right kind of rehearsal, you are ramping up your ability to relax and pay attention in the moment. Sounds like fun.

The right amount of the right kind of rehearsal involves some planning. When the stakes are high, rehearsal is typically done a minimum of three times, over time with other people listening and in an environment that is similar to the one you will be in on the day.

Rehearsing gives your message and ideas their first breath of life.

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