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Juliet Erickson specializes in face-to-face persuasive communication. To find out more about in-person services check out the client services page.

Make-or-break moment coaching

My specialty is working with people when the personal or professional stakes are high.  In particular, when good communication will determine their success or failure.  For  20 years I have worked with thousands of people, one-on-one or a few at a time, focusing on one thing; refining the way they communicate so they can get what they want.

Technology enables me to coach my clients anywhere in the world by phone or Skype, video and email without travel costs or associated time constraints.  It is easy and effective.  Of course, nothing beats face-to-face – it’s just not always possible given the demands of make-or-break moments.

Make-or-break moments happen for all of us, sometimes many in a lifetime.  Some big, some small.  Each one is important and represents a turning point where doing well matters and could stand between you and getting what you want.

What do I mean by Make-or-break moment coaching?

Here are some examples of recent clients:

  • A major media company that was short-listed to pitch for a $53 million dollar new business opportunity.
  • A lawyer who needed to build his client base and gain new business revenue or risk shrinking his practice.
  • A team of fund managers who needed to rebuild relationships with their clients after a period of lower than expected performance.
  • An advertising agency creative executive who was under pressure to communicate a complex and controversial idea to a skeptical client.
  • An individual who organized a charity, needed to have different conversations with entirely new potential donors to raise critical funding.
  • An entrepreneur who recently started his own business and needed to prepare his ‘debut’ presentation to industry colleagues and peers.
  • A bright young student who had a critical interview for a place at their choice of university.
  • A determined mother who wanted to win a place on the board of governors at their child’s school.
  • A scientist who needed to convince the board of his company that his invention had merit and to be granted funding for production.
  • An artist who wanted to keep the momentum going on their initial success by building their profile in the investor community.

How Does Make-or-Break Coaching Work?

I’ll be there for your make-or-break moments. I’ll help you plan, prepare and deliver, with confidence, clarity and relevance. I will act as your coach and mentor to ensure you do your best on the day.

We can use phone, Skype, email and video, and when possible in person. I’ll do this by offering relevant guidance and winning strategies as you prepare and deliver.

Typical Make-or-Break Coaching is 3 sessions: this excludes the introductory meet and greet call where we discuss possibilities and set timing and a plan. There is no charge for this initial call.

The remaining 3 sessions include preparation and getting your key messages right, objective setting, a plan for your approach and structure; rehearsals, walk through, talk through, clearing your potential ‘blocks’ and preparing for difficult responses and questions.

By the time you reach the moment, you will be ready, more confident  and feeling positive.

You may not always have lots of notice for your make-or-break moment.  That’s okay – however, you need time to ensure you are excellent when you need to be.  Allow at least 3 days to 2 weeks notice!

How much? $750 for 3 sessions (plus initial meet and greet and preparation call) Each session lasts around an hour.

What do you get?

  • A proven approach that will greatly improve the likelihood you get what you want, and look good doing it, and one you can repeat to improve your chances in the next make-or-break moment.
  • You will learn how to cut the time it takes to prepare for this, and your next make-or-break moment, by half   (I’ll keep you focused and not let you procrastinate or take big risks because you were unprepared) This equals LESS STRESS!
  • A coach on your side with a track record of working with clients who get what they want after they work with me.
  • Relevant worksheets and materials used during our coaching.
  • A copy of my book, The Art of Persuasion.

If this sounds interesting, I’d love to work with you.  Take a moment to fill in this contact form and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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